Phanalphie Rhue Still

President & Chief Creative Officer
Rhue Still, Inc.


me-nowFor those familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator I am an INFJ. I am pretty true-to-form. In a nutshell, the analysis says that my type comprises only 1% of the population – go figure. It also says that the INFJ type is one of the four most common among musicians, with INFP being the most common – that I agree with totally.

As a creative, with left and right brain in operation, I could have been a psychologist or scientist, but Communications chose me – and I love it; it marries creativity, words, orchestrating plans and my sincere desire to help businesses, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs, succeed.

I’m a teacher, motivator and creator who easily sees “patterns and possibilities.” I love helping people give life to their vision, and I honor the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our economy. Recognizing that the expertise needed to start a business may not be the skill-set needed to sustain that business, I especially enjoy helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop marketing and communications strategies, both digital and traditional. That’s why my husband, Kenneth Still, and I started Rhue Still, Inc., a full-service marketing/communications and consulting agency. We, and our talented team of associates, develop strategies and tools needed to enhance the visibility and market engagement of our clients’ brands, products and services.

At Rhue Still, Inc., we are pleased to work with a variety of celebrity clientele, international non-profit organizations, corporate entities, foundations, entrepreneurs, artists, authors as well as executives needing personal brand development. We approach every project with creativity, professionalism, insight and understanding. We deliver solutions with the highest level of customer service, responsiveness and results.

We provide a wide range of services, including Marketing/Communications, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, Business & Creative Writing Services, Graphic Services, Training/ Public Speaking and Talent Representation.

As a writer, I have crafted the words for speeches for CEOs, remarks for national television and news talent, editorials for College Presidents, hooks and lyrics for songs and social media/digital content. I write from the perspective of my clients; the words I write become their words, in their voice.

As a motivator and teacher, Speaking Engagements allow me the opportunity to encourage, empower and inspire teams, entrepreneurs, women, youth and artists; sharing my wisdom and insight on vision, purpose, entrepreneurship and communications in the digital age.

Lastly, we should all encourage people to pursue their dreams; they are there for a reason – planted there from birth. Sometimes all that is needed is someone to:

  1. Believe in you
  2. Help you map out a plan
  3. Encourage you when you grow weary
  4. Provide the marketing tools and strategic plan needed to support your efforts and
  5. Shine the spotlight on your talent or service so you can SOAR!

How can we help you and your business?