sheryl-underwood-radio-live-from-wattsSheryl Underwood Radio (SUR), Pack Rat Foundation For Education (PRFFE) and Marcus King (King Artist Entertainment) are working together to bring visibility to the efforts of Aaron Frank (THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS) and Charles “Bear” Spratley (BROTHERS AGAINST BANGING YOUTHS (“BABY”), a 501(c)(3).

Aaron Frank’s organization, THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS, teaches youth creative and media production skills and Charles “Bear” Spratley, at BROTHERS AGAINST BANGING YOUTHS (“BABY”), is an ex-gang member that works to give youth positive alternatives to gangs through sports, dance, positive self esteem and other outlets, like the options for film and radio production offered by THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS.

Sheryl Underwood Radio will broadcast LIVE FROM WATTS in recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, and will shine a light on the work of Franks and Spratley. THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS offers at-risk youth the opportunity to learn practical film and radio productions skills. The live broadcast will take place at Colonel Leon Washington Recreation Center in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angles, CA on January 14, 2017.

“I am thrilled to bring Sheryl Underwood Radio to Watts, and am happy to lend my support to the efforts of both Aaron and Charles. These gentlemen have their eyes on the future of our young boys and girls. They know that exposure to different career options will have a positive impact on each one of the young people who participate in THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS.” She adds, “THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS allows young men to realize their fullest potential by nurturing their God-given talents. Including them in the programming we have now and adding content such as Radio Theater, will enhance SUR’s ability to be of service through our work.”

Marcus King, founder of King Artist Entertainment says “”Having successfully navigated the entertainment industry for many years, I understand the value of highly skilled, well-trained production talent. It is my pleasure to help prepare the next generation of television and radio professionals.””

Frank says, “”The youth in South Los Angeles have limited options for their future. For many, going to jail or joining a gang is their only path.”” He adds, “”This will be the foreseeable future unless there are programs set in place that steer kids into a positive direction. THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS will give the youth creativity and skills that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.”” Vic Frost, Executive Producer of Sheryl Underwood Radio says, “”There are hundreds of hours of audio production that lead up to the very second that first sound wave hits your ear. Teaching young kids the skill of production will help describe, in absolute terms, every sound we hear.””

The stories of South LA communities, produced by participating youth, will be brought to life through the mediums of film and radio and be distributed to audiences throughout Los Angeles and around the United States. By the end of each program, the youth will have produced numerous final films that they will showcase at a final screening event held for the community, family and friends.

Pack Rat Foundation For Education Executive Director Erna Foushee, says “”PRFFE is committed to helping young people excel and fulfill their educational dreams. The Foundation is happy to partner with Sheryl Underwood Radio to bring awareness to the awesome work these programs are doing in the community. These young people will learn that setting up a “live” production for a national radio show takes teamwork and coordination. Since Sheryl was going to be in Los Angeles appearing at the JSpot January 12-15, later participating in the Kingdom Day Parade on January 16, it was a lot easier to get the crew together for a live production. I’m glad that we were able to partner with Sheryl Underwood, Sheryl Underwood Radio and King Artist Entertainment to take advantage of this opportunity and make it happen.””

Spratley says “”if you expose kids to something positive to do, like school, college, sports and even dance, you give them choices and hope for a change.”” As an ex-gang member, he says BROTHERS AGAINST BANGING YOUTHS (BABY) is about the kids. He knows, first-hand the realities that at-risk youth face in the streets. The organization is comprised of like-minded individuals who want to expose kids to options, before they get connected to gangs. According to SUR host Harry Southerland (Our Country Lawyer aka “Judge Harry”), “”Exposing young people to these skills will empower them to tell their stories, in their own voice and will give them marketable skills for the future.””

Sheryl Underwood, creator and host of Sheryl Underwood Radio and co-host of the Emmy award winning show THE TALK on CBS television, is committed to using her influence and visibility to improve the lives of people, especially youth, by shining the spotlight on initiatives like THE COMMUNITY PROJECTS and BROTHERS AGAINST BANGING YOUTHS (BABY). Underwood is also the 23rd International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. and founder of Pack Rat Foundation For Education, Inc., a 501(c) (3) organization established to raise funds and awareness for Historically Black Colleges and Universities and support the dream of a higher education for deserving students. The LIVE FROM WATTS broadcast will be heard on the 73 Sheryl Underwood Radio affiliates nationwide and will have a reach of over 5 million listeners.

Catch Sheryl Live!

January 12-15

Sheryl Underwood will be appearing live at the JSpot in Los Angeles January 12-15. Mike Washington, host of the “”WOW Show”” on Sheryl Underwood Radio, will be performing at the J-Spot with Underwood.

January 16, 2017

Sheryl participates in the Kingdom Day Parade, Monday, January 16 in Los Angeles.

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Funny-man J. Anthony Brown will be guest hosting a week of shows for Sheryl Underwood Radio.

About Sheryl Underwood Radio

Sheryl Underwood Radio is the third large syndicated radio show, airing daily on 73 Radio Affiliates across the United States and in the Virgin Islands. The crew of Sheryl Underwood Radio is Sheryl Underwood, co-host of THE TALK on CBS, entertainer, philanthropist and 23rd International President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and a cast of seasoned radio and entertainment veterans – Harry Southerland (Our Country Lawyer aka “Judge Harry”), James Kelley (The White Jim Kelley) and Executive Producer (Super Producer) Vic Frost.

Sheryl Underwood Radio is smart, and speaks to the issues and interest of the Urban (18-34) and Urban Adult Contemporary (25-54) listener. The show is relevant, tackling the hot topics of the day in a snappy, engaging, informative format. Sheryl and the crew provide energetic conversation about relationships, entertainment, sports and culture.

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